Sangita Myska ‘relieved’ at Archbishop of Canterbury condemning Illegal Migration Bill

13 May 2023, 18:49

Sangita Myska praises the Archbishop of Canterbury for playing 'crucial role' in revising Parliament

By Ellen Morgan

Sangita Myska shared her thoughts on the Archbishop of Canterbury's criticism of Illegal Migration Bill, which he branded “morally unacceptable”.

Sangita reiterated Justin Welby's stance that the UK “cannot take everyone, and nor should we,” but that “doubling down” on illegal migration wasn’t the answer.

She reminded listeners of her “fiercely critical” stance of the government’s “tone” and language used when it comes to the debate around illegal migration.

“It is isolationist, immoral and impractical,” Sangita said.

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She went on to say: “We know it is, because not a single flight to Rwanda has taken off yet.”

Sangita made it clear she agreed with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who criticised the Illegal Migration Plan in the House of Lords on Wednesday.

She said she was “genuinely relieved” to hear Justin Welby stand up and “make a rare intervention”, stressing it was important to say what many people “deeply” believe.

“He has shown moral leadership where there has been a vacuum of moral leadership,” she continued.

Sangita also acknowledged the “powerful” counter argument to the Archbishop’s criticism, saying many think there is still no place for unelected religious leaders to be “intervening in the creation” of laws.

She reminded listeners that ethics experts play a “crucial role” in revising parliament, and that it was important for politicians’ ideas to be “scrutinised”.

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