‘He’s human and we all related to him’: Caller jumps to Boris Johnson's defence

13 May 2023, 14:23

Boris Johnson 'cared' about the cost of living, says caller

By Ellen Morgan

This caller says she thinks former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was a better leader than Rishi Sunak, who doesn’t understand “the reality on the ground”.

Julie in Ross on Wye told Matt Frei that Boris Johnson faced incredible challenges during his time in office, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. She maintains that he “saw us” and “heard” the British public and resents that the Conservative Party decided to elect a new leader internally.

“They ignored us,” Julie said. “This year I voted against them for the first time in my life and I will continue to unless they start listening to the people.”

She continued that the country wants a “human being” as a leader, someone who “understands the problems in the world.”

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Matt asked Julie if she thought the Conservatives would have done better in the local elections if Boris Johnson were still leader.

This comes after the Tories suffered a steep loss in the May local elections, losing 962 council seats.

Julie replied that she thought he “messed up – but he’s human”.

“We all related to him,” she added.

Julie said that she’d met Rishi Sunak and emphasised he “doesn’t understand” the day to day problems people face.

She reminded Matt: “He didn’t believe for a minute that nurses were using food banks.”

“His lifestyle is so sheltered from what real people are experiencing- but he’s got a good heart,” Julie concluded.

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