Stig: Drugs Dangerous BECAUSE They Are Illegal

16 October 2016, 18:09 | Updated: 16 October 2016, 18:34

After another death - Stig Abell says that it is time to legalise and regulate drugs.

Talking on his LBC show Stig Abell said that the only way to prevent future drug deaths is to regulate the substances.

“There is no safe illegal drug and no safe way to take illegal drugs. Now the police force is clearly not arguing for decriminalization here but I do think their thinking is illustrative of exactly that point.”

“Illegal drugs can never be safe so we should not have illegal drugs. The only answer therefore is to stop them being illegal isn't it? Because taking drugs is never going to be stopped, people always want to get high and escape it's part of human nature.”

“If you look back through human history people have always found ways to get high, to get drunk, to take some form of thing that alters the chemistry of their brain. It's part of human nature. So we're not going to stop people taking drugs.”

“So we have to look at the legality. We're not going to talk about the specifics of the case in Scotland so I don't know the full details I don't want to cause distress to those who know the girl has died but the principle is the same, Isn't it?”

“Drugs are inevitable. The illegality only makes them more dangerous. It makes people who take criminals and brings them into the ambit of criminal dealers and it means that the constituent chemical parts of these drugs are adulterated, they're unchecked, they're unregulated, they're dangerous, they're dangerous because they're illegal. They're not illegal because they're dangerous.”