Lord Sugar Ambushes Boris On LBC Show

2 December 2015, 10:15 | Updated: 25 August 2016, 16:47

This is the moment Lord Sugar ambushed Boris Johnson live on his LBC phone-in.

The Labour peer has been getting increasingly angry about the traffic caused on Lower Thames Street by the building work on the cycle superhighway.

So "Alan from The City" called Ask Boris on LBC to challenge the Mayor to travel with him on his commute in from Essex.

He said: "Good morning Boris, this is your number one fan. I want you to come to my house next Monday and join me on the journey in from Essex through Lower Thames Street and the Embankment.

"Then you may realise that, in the future when you give out these contracts, you need to articulate them a little bit and understand what is actually going on there."

Mr Johnson responded: "I'll come if I possibly can.

"Firstly, I apologise very much about the delays and inconvenience you've been experiencing, along with many many people coming in from Essex. My friend Ronbert Halfon, the government minister has been absolutely voluble with me about it. 

"What we are doing is moving as fast as we can to get the cycle superhighways done. It will be much, much better when it is done."

Lord Sugar responded: "I fully understand what Boris is trying to do and U agree that we need to stop accidents happening to cyclists. But Boris, with the greatest respect, we need to spend more money on educating cyclists."

The pair discussed how cyclists could be made safer

Boris added: "I'd be perfectly happy with a situation that if a cyclist jumped a red light or mounted a pavement and are apprehended by the law, they actually had their bicycles confiscated.

"I wouldn't mind if they were impounded and auctioned for charity or whatever.

"But that, I'm told is an infringement of human rights."