The 12 Best True Crime Podcasts Of 2018

6 March 2018, 14:15 | Updated: 12 October 2018, 15:02

The top true crime podcasts of 2018
The top true crime podcasts of 2018. Picture: iTunes

True crime podcasts are some of the most popular in the world - just think of the runaway success of Serial. But which crime-related podcasts do you need to listen to in 2018? Here are the podcasts we’re keeping an eye on...The


‘Fact is scarier than fiction’ declares Casefile’s tagline, and this podcast very much sets out to prove it. Recent episodes have delved into the murky world of the dark web, a case of a body found in a barrel and stories from the infamous American prison Alcatraz. Appropriately creepy music is by Mike Migas and the host is anonymous.

Dirty John

Dirty John marked a first foray into the true crime podcast world for the LA Times. Over seven episodes reporter Christopher Goffard delves into the unnerving, scary and disorientating story of John Meehan, an expert manipulator who left a trail of destruction in his wake. The podcast launched at the end of last year but this is going to one that people are talking about for some time to come.

Atlanta Monster

40 years ago children started disappearing in Atlanta. Between 1979 and 1981, 28 boys from poor neighbourhoods in the city went missing or were found dead. In this new podcast, freelance filmmaker Payne Lindsey sets out to answer some of the questions that still surround the case in one of the most talked-about new podcasts of the year so far.

Case Notes

The newest podcast on the true crime scene, this one’s from our sister station Classic FM. The first episode in the brand-new series (released 8 March 2018) looks into the gruesome real-life story of a composer whose head was stolen from his grave ten days after his burial and guests include a mortician alongside the music experts you might expect. Classic FM’s More Music Breakfast presenter Tim Lihoreau hosts.

Small Town Dicks

Any time a gruesome crime hits the headlines someone will say: ‘nothing like this has ever happened here’. So of course there’s a podcast for that. Small Town Dicks is about big crime in small-town America. Hosted by the wonderfully named Yeardley and Zibby, and featuring real detectives Dan and Dave, each episode looks at a different case Dan or Dave have worked on. Plus, the theme tune’s great.


Criminal is one of the oldest kids on the true crime podcast block and there’s a reason it still pulls in its legions of fans. The stories are never anything less than incredible and Pheobe Judge’s narration is completely mesmerising. It’s the sort of voice that could lull you gently to sleep… if she weren’t talking about some of the most horrific crimes ever committed.

Real Crime Profile

This one’s a bit different. A former FBI profiler (Jim Clemente) teams up with a former criminal behavioural analyst from London’s New Scotland Yard (Laura Richards) to analyse and discuss high profile cases from the news, fiction or, yes, other true crime podcasts. Most recently they’ve tackled the Florida High School shooting, the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and the podcast Dirty John (mentioned above).

Heaven’s Gate

Like Serial, Heaven’s Gate takes one story and analyses and dissects a different aspect of it each episode. In this case, the story is that of the biggest mass-suicide in US history. In 1997, 39 people killed themselves believing that they’d reach ‘the next level’. They were members of a cult. The amazing thing about this podcast, though, is that it’s presented by Glynn Washington, who was once in a cult himself.


Like Case Notes, Disgraceland hones in on a niche within a niche and focuses on true crime stories from the world of rock – like the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Jerry Lee Lewis’ fifth wife, and whether there’s more than meets the eye to Sid Vicious’ fatal overdose. Produced and hosted by Jake Brennan, who describes the podcast’s vibe as less ‘sit around the campfire’ more ‘slightly buzzed guy at the end of the bar’. Pour us a drink.

My Favourite Murder

This is a comedy podcast about murder. Which may sound like a difficult idea but the two hosts – comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff – manage to make this tricky idea work completely. Their informal, honest (and hilarious) style has won MFM fans the world over –‘murderinos’ can be found everywhere from Australia to the US. And they have the best catchphrase in true crime: stay sexy and don’t get murdered.

They Walk Among Us

One of the biggest true crime podcasts out there, They Walk Among Us is also one of the few crime podcasts created in the UK and hosted by a British voice (Benjamin). The series investigates true crime stories from the UK including the murders and violent crimes you’d expect from a crime podcast. But there are other stories in there too – one recent episode looked into the heart-breaking life story of Alan Turing, arrested for being gay and forced to undergo chemical castration.

Sword and Scale One of the biggest true crime podcasts out there, Sword and Scale is also one of the darkest. The tagline is ‘a show that reveals that the worst monsters are real’ and recent stories have included a case of body parts scattered across a highway, a cannibalistic killer and when romantic gestures turn dark. Maybe don’t listen before you go to sleep.