Brave Student Police Officer Tackles Masked Man During Armed Raid

3 August 2018, 12:08 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

A student police officer who wrestled a masked robber to the ground during an armed raid has been praised for her actions.

PC Dell Owen and her colleague PC Ben Hawley managed to halt the robbers as they raided a One Stop shop in Shiregreen on 29 May.

CCTV released by South Yorkshire Police shows the raiders going to great lengths to smash their way into the store with a machete.

The men attempt to steal cigarettes, but police arrive and enter the shop.

PC Dell Owen tackled one of the masked robbers to the ground
PC Dell Owen tackled one of the masked robbers to the ground. Picture: South Yorkshire Police

PC Dell Owen tackles one of the thieves to the ground, while her other manages to detain the second.

Chief Inspector Helen Lewis from Sheffield said: “Both officers’ desire to protect the victim and the wider community of Shiregreen are commendable and as a result of their decisive actions, a dangerous weapon was taken off the streets and two individuals are now in prison for their crimes.”

At Sheffield Crown Court earlier this week, 31-year-old Kyle Bayliss, of Hucklow Road, Sheffield, and co-accused Connor Roulson, 21, of Shiregreen Lane, Sheffield, were both jailed for their role in the aggravated burglary.

Bayliss was jailed for four years and eight months and Roulson three years and four months.