Enterprising Warehouse Staff Block Thieves' Getaway, Using Forklift Trucks

9 December 2017, 17:26 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:21

They've been given a Christmas bonus for their hard work.

Intuitive staff at a warehouse prevented a group of thieves escaping with building equipment using their forklift trucks.

CCTV reveals the would-be criminals parking alongside a van before attempting to steal two drills from it.

Its driver notices the theft and interrupts them, causing the thieves to try and escape.

Other members of staff hurriedly get into their forklift trucks and sandwich the car between them, preventing a getaway.

Police were called and the thieves are being prosecuted, one faces three years in jail.

The manager of the warehouse, in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Jan Dlouhý said: "People suddenly shouted 'Stop them!' Colleagues prevented them from leaving with the forklift trucks and we blocked them from all sides."

Tomáš Breitkopf, owner of the construction company, said: "Everyone got a bonus in December."

Watch the CCTV at the top of this page.