Harry Dunn's twin brother: suspect's diplomatic immunity was like a 'punch in the face'

27 October 2019, 08:09

Harry Dunn, 19, died in a crash while on his motorbike
Harry Dunn, 19, died in a crash while on his motorbike. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

The twin brother of teenager Harry Dunn, who died in a road crash, has said that diplomatic immunity given to the woman suspected of killing him was like a “punch in the face.”

Niall Dunn has said that 42-year-old Anne Sacoolas should be returned to Britain.

"I'm not happy with how everything has happened," Niall told the Mail on Sunday.

"I've wanted to start grieving but now it's become so huge that I have to be involved. When we were told Anne Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity it was a punch in the face."

Grief: Harry Dunn's mother Charlotte Charles
Grief: Harry Dunn's mother Charlotte Charles. Picture: PA

Niall told the paper the message coming back to his family was essentially: "Tough, she's not coming back, end of story. Go away and cry at home."

"It was really difficult hearing that and knowing we had nowhere left to go, nothing left to do," he said.

"It was swept under the carpet and that's what really got to me. It made me angry. Harry lost his life. We've lost everything. I want to know who decided this was OK to do this to us."

Appealing directly to Mrs Sacoolas, Niall said: "We want for this to be over, to live our lives the best way we can. We can't do that unless you cooperate and help us.

"This all could have been avoided if you had just stayed here and done the right thing. Although that time's passed you can still put an end to all of this."

Mrs Sacoolas is believed to have been driving on the wrong side of the road when she hit Harry's motorbike outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire on August 27.

Harry's parents Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn have met with US President Donald Trump in Washington to discuss the matter, but there is no indication Mrs Sacoolas's diplomatic immunity will be waived for her to be forced to return to the UK to face an investigation.