Seriously injured hit-and-run victim 'thrown into car like a ragdoll' after row in south London street

18 February 2020, 11:06

Police at the scene of the suspected hit and run in Sutton
Police at the scene of the suspected hit and run in Sutton. Picture: Graham Fox/Facebook
Charlotte Lynch

By Charlotte Lynch

A woman has been left seriously injured after allegedly being deliberately hit by a car following a row.

Police were called to Beddington Lane in Sutton, south London, just after 9pm on Monday to reports of a woman being forced into a car following an altercation with a man.

The force was later informed by the London Ambulance Service that a woman, believed to be the same person, had been taken to hospital from an address close to the scene of the altercation.

She remains in hospital in a "potentially life-changing" condition, the Met said.

It added: "It is believed the individuals were known to each other.

"Inquiries continue and no arrests have been made."

One witness who works in a local business told LBC News they “saw a man and woman having a serious row, he was waiting for her in the car while she was on her way into the shop here."

"He must have ran across the road to the petroleum station and before she could say anything, as soon as she stepped into the shop, he grabbed her by the hand and pulled her away, and he forced her into the car.

"He dragged her over there and forced her inside but she wouldn’t go in."

The witness said they saw the male take the female's mobile phone, "and she wanted it back from him. So she jumped on the bonnet of the car hoping that he wouldn’t drive away, but he did drive away."

They added: "She fell off the bonnet of the car. I couldn’t see what happened after that because it was out of my view. I think she was so scared from the beginning she couldn’t say anything or say look help me, I need help. I’m so sorry for her but if somebody’s frightened like that they won’t say anything.”

David Whitewick, 50, owner of Harvest Home pub said he heard screaming, "someone was obviously in distress."

He told LBC News when he ran outside he saw a "guy who looked like he was tussling with a female."

David said the female said the man had deliberately ran into her. After this "I saw him run across and throw her into the front of the car, and sped off."

The pub landlord said other members of the public were pleading with the driver to allow them to take the injured woman to hospital.

"He threw her into the car like a ragdoll."

"It wasn't good to see," David said.

The woman was left seriously injured
The woman was left seriously injured. Picture: Graham Fox/Facebook

Dave Wightwick, landlord of the Harvest Home on Beddington Lane, said the man had deliberately driven at the woman before forcing her into the car.

No arrests have been made after the suspected hit and run
No arrests have been made after the suspected hit and run. Picture: Graham Fox/Facebook

Mr Wightwick said: "There were a couple of women standing outside and I was working behind the bar and I went out to the situation as quickly as I could.

"I saw enough to see it wasn't very nice."

Mr Wightwick said his customers had seen the car, a dark coloured BMW 5 series, being deliberately driven at the woman.

"We think they (the man and woman) had come from the BP garage up the road and they were arguing.

"I think they were known to each other, it looks like a domestic thing."

He said the women had been forced into the footwell of the front passenger seat.

"I went running across the road to try and get a picture of his registration number but he took off at a rate of knots."

Mr Wightwick said a woman closer to the vehicle had tried to stop the man but he had pushed her out of the way.

He said the man had then driven off at about 70mph.

LBC News has contacted the London Ambulance Service.

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