Nick Ferrari tells listeners: Don't go out over Easter unless you absolutely have to

10 April 2020, 08:03 | Updated: 10 April 2020, 09:45

By Adrian Sherling

Nick Ferrari had this important message for everyone listening: Do not go out on this Easter weekend unless you absolutely have to.

It's set to be a scorching Easter weekend, but people are being urged to obey the government regulations and stay at home.

After yesterday's news that Greater Manchester Police broke up over 500 parties last weekend, Nick had this message for his listeners.

"We must obey government guidelines this weekend. Otherwise people will die.

"If you're sitting there thinking you're not going to - you're going to have the family round or have a barbecue and invite the neighbours in - can I ask why?

"What would it take for you to realise?

Nick Ferrari told people to stay at home
Nick Ferrari told people to stay at home. Picture: LBC / HM Government

"I know some relatives of friends who have died of coronavirus. Two instances of people I know whose mothers have died of coronavirus. You must now know of someone who has got it.

"Why would you go ahead with your barbecue?

"And while I'm challenging the idea that police even contemplated looking through shopping baskets and I'm concerned about the Royal Navy shouting at people on the beach, what I do get is that you don't go out unnecessarily."

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