Prince Charles skips handshake with Mike Pence at World Holocaust Forum

23 January 2020, 16:53

Prince Charles skips a handshake with Mike Pence
Prince Charles skips a handshake with Mike Pence. Picture: Twitter

This is the moment Prince Charles appears to bypass a handshake with Donald Trump’s vice president Mike Pence at the World Holocaust Forum.

Charles was filmed shaking hands with world leaders and other dignitaries, including Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the start of events marking 75 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated from the Nazis.

Charles is understood to have shaken hands once with Mr Pence after a speech by the vice president.

However after Prince Charles made his speech, the pair did not shake hands.

Mr Pence appears to turn in anticipation of a handshake, before looking surprised for an instant as Prince Charles walks past - before touching Charles.

Prince Charles and Mr Pence are understood to have talked briefly prior to the event.