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The fitness influencer has been transparent to her fans about her continual health struggles with ulcerative colitis following a diagnosis in 2018.

Former Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson reveals she had 'life-saving' stoma bag fitted

4 days ago

Police have arrested a woman after 'Miss Mizzy' was caught punching strangers in London

Shock moment thug branded 'Miss Mizzy' is caught punching strangers in random London attacks

8 days ago

The singer is seen as one of the heroines of the body positivity movement but this has also led her to be the subject of fat-shaming comments and online abuse.

Lizzo speaks out and reveals real reason behind 'I'm quitting music' statement

10 days ago

The women left in two cars; one was a dark blue 4x4 and the other was a dark coloured VW Golf.

Pub exposes six women who 'dine-and-dashed' after racking up £140 bill on food and drink

11 days ago

Fans and friends of the star have called the incident "horrifying", "disgusting" and "horrendous".

TV star left 'devastated' after beloved family dog shot and killed by food delivery driver

11 days ago

Making her way to the edge of the stage, the Like a Virgin singer appeared to realise that the fan she singled out was sitting in a wheelchair.

Madonna berates concert-goer for sitting down - only to realise they're in a wheelchair

1 month ago

Facebook and Instagram have gone down, according to thousands of the social media platforms' users

Facebook and Instagram down: Social media users report issues as Meta platforms experience worldwide outage

1 month ago

The AI images have not been directly linked to Trump's presidential campaign.

Trump supporters target African American voters with fake AI images in apparent attempt to sway black vote

1 month ago

The 31-year-old criticised the script he was given, branding it as "15 pages of AI-generated gibberish.

'The script was 15 pages of AI-generated gibberish': Willy Wonka actor breaks silence on disastrous event

1 month ago

Crowds gathered to look for the money-filled briefcase, which was buried to create publicity for a concert.

'Treasure hunters' spark outrage by digging up protected sand dune to find buried money after influencers promote event

1 month ago