Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova boasted about weighing ‘same as 18 coconuts’ at just 41kg before ‘dying of starvation’

Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova boasted of weighing 'the same as 18 coconuts' before 'dying of starvation'


'I am a mum and a woman who was extremely let down': Myleene Klass 'extremely proud' of updated miscarriage law

James O'Brien says NHS privitisation is "at the heart of neoliberalism"

James O'Brien fears “Thatcherism” is at the heart of a new NHS privatisation move

Sarah has been open about her struggles with the disease on her podcast

Sarah, Duchess of York, names reconstructed breast 'Derek' after breast cancer diagnosis

The Government has turned to private sector capacity in a bid to cut NHS waiting lists.

NHS 'goes private' in bid to cut waiting lists as independent companies asked to conduct scans and tests

The practice was bombarded with patients hoping for an appointment

Dental practice bombarded with 27,000 phone calls as patients queue for hours to get one of 60 slots

Brits have been warned over "thunder fever"

'Thunder fever' warning issued for Brits with hay fever and asthma after UK battered by stormy weather

The RCEN's president has warning of an oncoming NHS winter disaster after the Government unveiled its health service plans for the cold months

NHS 'blithely sailing towards an iceberg' with Government winter plan which will kill thousands, leading doctor says

Laura Mackenzie said she was denied her "dream job" as a probationary officer in the Highlands

Woman denied police job because she was taking antidepressants launches legal action

Some 2.5 million extra people will suffer from serious health conditions by 2040

Another 2.5 million Brits will have serious illnesses like dementia, cancer and diabetes by 2040

Exercise, friendships and a good night sleep are among the healthy habits for a long life

Eight healthy habits to help you live up to 24 years longer revealed by scientists

Doctors are going on strike

Senior doctors start 48 hours of strikes as NHS care to cut down to Christmas Day-style emergency cover

Patients have resorted to paying for their own operations

Soaring numbers of patients pay for vital operations as record NHS waiting lists keep rising

The drug could prove to bring new hope to Alzheimer's sufferers (file image)

Hope for Alzheimer’s patients as new drug donanemab slows cognitive decline 'by a third'

A critical report into the government's new hospitals pledge has been released

'Shocking and damning': Government on track to miss 2030 target to build 40 'new' hospitals

The Freestyle Libre 2 app has broken down for a number of Type 1 Diabetics in the country

Panic among diabetics after vital testing software breaks leaving thousands unable to test blood sugars

Brits have resorted to pulling their teeth out with their bare hands as they struggle to get dental help

Desperate patients rip out teeth with bare hands and resort to glueing replacements in NHS dentist crisis

Dr Ohad Einav and Ziv Asa with 12-year-old Suleiman Hassan at Hadassah Medical Center after they reattached his head

Doctors re-attach boy’s head after he was ‘internally decapitated’ while riding his bike