Commuters Complain About "Vile Smell of Sick" In Kennington Station

13 August 2019, 11:37

Commuters have complained about the "revolting" smell
Commuters have been asking about the "revolting" smell. Picture: Getty

Complaints from multiple passengers have prompted TFL to try and find the source of the stink.

Passengers who travel through Kennington Station have been questioning the "vile" and "gross" smell that has been present for months.

The smell has been described as "revolting" and similar to that of vomit.

Questions from a number of commuters on Twitter have led to TFL opening an investigation into the issue, after many questioned if the smell was dangerous.

They responded to one passenger, “it’s a good question and one which quite frankly we don’t know the answer to. We are still investigating and hope to have identified the source and a solution soon.”

However, the response from TFL has not dispelled the concern of passengers who use the South London station.

TFL confirmed on their Twitter account that the drains were due to be cleaned on 8th August, and that this should remove the stench. However, Twitter users confirmed that these efforts had not made a difference.

The issue was made worse when London experienced a heatwave. The Northern Line, which Kennington is a part of, reached 37C on the hottest day.

Passengers have mused that the smell could be caused by restaurants nearby, the Burger King in the station or dead rats in the station.

It's not the only station that has had its scent questioned by passengers. Victoria, which is on the Victoria and Circle and District lines, has been said to smell like roast beef.

TFL responded to customers again, saying “we are investigating the cause and will work to remove it as quickly as we can.”