Robbers Repeatedly Spray Ammonia In Shopkeeper’s Face During Terrifying Raid

12 October 2017, 16:59

Terrifying CCTV shows the moment thieves repeatedly threw ammonia into the face of a female shopkeeper during a violent robbery.

The gang squirted the corrosive substance at least three times at their victim while raiding a family-run supermarket in Hackey in March.

The woman, who’s in her early 50s, can be seen bravely fighting back and managed to press the store’s panic button.

However, as she lay with burn injuries on the floor, one of the gang deliberately stamped on her.

Two of the men involved have since been found guilty of robbery and “applying a corrosive fluid with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable or to do some grievous bodily harm”.

Joshua Jordan and Sadik Kamara will be sentenced next month.
Joshua Jordan and Sadik Kamara will be sentenced next month. Picture: Met Police

Sadik Kamara, 24 of Booth Road, Newham and Joshua Jordan, 20 of Ruscoe Road, Newham were both convicted at Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday.

Ten minutes after the attack, the gang targeted a second woman who had been walking to a friend’s house after getting out of a taxi.

They stopped their getaway car and forced the woman to the floor while also repeatedly spraying her face with ammonia.

The pair stole her handbag and ran back to their getaway car.

The court heard from a witness who didn’t see the attack but saw the pair laughing amongst themselves whilst running along a nearby street carrying the victim's hand bag.

Both victims were rushed to hospital with facial burn injuries, one suffering chemical burns to her mouth.

Neither has been permanently disfigured.

Kamara and Jordan will be sentenced on Friday, 17 November.