Mother Of Murdered Schoolboy Tells Of Heartbreaking Moment She'd Heard He'd Been Shot

3 October 2017, 14:09 | Updated: 3 October 2017, 14:47

The mother of murdered schoolboy Corey Junior Davis has told LBC of the heartbreaking moment she heard her son had been killed.

Corey died in hospital the day after being shot at close range at about 15:08 on Monday 4th September while socialising in a playground area in Moore Walk, E7.

Police investigating the murder of a 14-year-old boy Corey Junior Davis in Newham have released the first ever images of the vehicle used by his killers as part of a new appeal for information and witnesses.

His 17-year-old male friend also sustained potentially life-changing injuries to his leg. He was recently discharged from hospital and now faces a long rehabilitation process. There have been no arrests to date.

The vehicle police believe was used by Corey's killers
The vehicle police believe was used by Corey's killers. Picture: Met Police

The new CCTV consists of a still image of the metallic grey 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE TDV6 captured just before the murder on Wyatt Road near the junction with Upton Lane, at around 14:53hrs. The windows are dark tinted from behind the driver’s seat to the back of the vehicle.

The moving CCTV footage shows the vehicle shortly after the murder, fleeing the scene of the crime at around 15:15hrs and driving erratically on the Romford Road in a northbound direction towards the A406 north circular.

Detectives have released further details on the car - which they have established was stolen on 23 August from Haverhill Road in Balham, south west London - in the hope of triggering the memories of members of the public who might have seen it in the intervening time or since the murder itself.

The first part of the registration plate displayed at the time of the shooting was D11, while the original index at the time it was stolen was EY11 XSG. Officers have also revealed details of the car's unique vehicle identification number (VIN) which acts as its 'fingerprint' : SALLSAAG3BA292779 (the last six digits are the chassis number) and its engine number: 0534374306DT.

The investigation team have not stated the remainder of the number plate on the car when it was used on the day of the murder as their enquiries have shown the full index to be a legitimate number plate in current existence, belonging to the owner of a Range Rover sport of exactly the same model in east London. His index was cloned and used to replace the original number plate the car bore when it was stolen.

Corey Junior Davis, who was shot dead near a playground
Corey Junior Davis, who was shot dead on a playground. Picture: Met Police

Detective Chief Inspector Dave Whellams of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, lead for the investigation, explained: “We have reason to believe this car could well still be out there - someone could have bought it in good faith for instance, with no idea they have a stolen vehicle. I’d be grateful if anyone who has bought an identical make and model of car since September 4 could check its vin number. This can usually be found by looking from outside the vehicle at the lower left side of the windscreen, or in the driver's side door jam or under the bonnet, and contact us urgently if it matches the one above. The engine number is also readily accessible to check.

“It’s also possible that a garage or scrap dealer could have inadvertently worked on the whole vehicle or parts of it without realising it had been used in a murder. Again I would urge people in this sector to think back over the last month and check their records. Any information will be treated in the strictest of confidence – it is the persons who used it on Sep 4 that are our sole interest at this point.”

DCI Whellams also wants to hear from anyone who has any more information on the car in the 11 days after it was stolen – as well as on the day of the murder itself.

“Did you notice any vehicles like this parked in a street near you in the last week of August that you weren’t used to seeing usually, perhaps for a few days on end from the 23 August? Did you see it in the Wyatt Road or Romford Road area around 3pm on the 4 Sept – or perhaps you remember a car speeding around the W19 bus you were travelling on up the Romford Road just after that time?

“We are releasing these images in tandem with such a high level of detailed information on this vehicle in the hope someone out there can provide information that proves critical to progressing our investigation.”