Bizarre moment Ken Livingstone stuck his foot in a tube door to stop it leaving

2 December 2019, 13:19

Ken Livingstone was filmed in the tube
Ken Livingstone was filmed in the tube. Picture: PA

Commuters were left furious when former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone deliberately stuck his foot in the door of a tube train.

The bizarre moment was caught on camera by a commuter, who claimed he was going to be late for work because of the stunt.

In the video, a member of staff can be seen trying to free Mr Livingstone's foot from the door, while the former Mayor shouts: "You're pushing me over. You're trying to push me over."

The staff member tells him that the door is open enough to allow him to get his foot out, but Mr Livingstone insisted that he should be let on the train.

Just before the video cuts out, the staff member tells him: "Ken Livingstone, you should know better than this, what are you doing?"

Watch the moment in the video above.