"Sparks And Flames Flew From The Escalator": Southgate Tube Explosion Eyewitness

20 June 2018, 07:50

A woman who was on the escalator at Southgate Tube Station when it exploded told LBC that the sparks flew like a firework.

A battery on the escalator short-circuited, causing what the police called a 'minor explosion', injuring five people at the Piccadilly Line station in North London.

Priya was on the escalator with her brother when it exploded and told Ian Collins of the injuries caused by people rampaging to get away from the flames.

Emergency services at Southgate Station
Emergency services at Southgate Station. Picture: PA
Specialist officers attend the minor explosion
Specialist officers attend the minor explosion. Picture: PA

She said: "We were going up the escalator and from the bottom, I could already smell smoke, like gunpowder or that a firework at gone off in the station.

"Then I heard a bang and fizzling and I saw some sparks from the top of the escalator. Suddenly, everybody started running down the escalator, shouting 'Go back, quick'.

"Everyone at the top of the escalator was rampaging down towards us.

"We got trampled at the bottom. I was trying to protect my younger brother, so I put him in front of me, so he was away from the people coming down and I got trampled on from behind."

Priya revealed she suffered injuries during the incident, with bruises on her back, legs and arms from the rush.

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