Tory Canvasser Shows LBC Shocking Extent Of Election Abuse

3 August 2017, 14:31

A Tory canvasser has shown LBC the shocking levels of insults, death threats and racial abuse she faced during the General Election campaign.

-Warning the video above contains explicit content-

Sara Kumar saw defaced posters dumped outside her house covered with horrifying threats and swastikas in the run up to the vote on June 8th.

She was also racially abused on the streets as she campaigned for Joy Morrisey in Ealing, a marginal seat targeted by the Conservatives.

Sara Kumar points out the shocking abuse she faced during the election campaign.
Picture: LBC

On one occasion the 23-year-old was forced to flee to a police station after discovering one campaign poster had the words “die scum” scribbled across it.

Theresa May has launched an investigation into intimidation experienced by candidates during the election after a number of complaints by MPs.

However, Ms Kumar says the inquiry needs to be widened to cover people like her.

“As somebody who isn’t in an elected office I find it very, very wrong that somebody would do this. Why me,” she told LBC’s Rachael Venables.

Sara Kumar
Picture: LBC

“I have posters from another area of London with death threats written on them.

“Profanities against myself and my family. Things like ‘we’ll mess your home up until you move’ or ‘die’ written on the card.”

She continued: “It was very much politically motivated… They were Tory political posters ripped off from another constituency and placed right outside the driveway where obviously these people who had put them knew I’d drive through and see.”

Her mother's car was also vandalised with profanities and other offensive words.

Ms Kumar's family car did not escape the abuse either.
Picture: Laura Kumar

Police are now investigating the incidents, but Ms Kumar says the level of nastiness she faced took her by complete surprise.

“People were shouted at in the streets if you had your badge on, you were screamed at with usually a profanity like ‘eff you’ or ‘scum’ or ‘you idiot’.

“I’ve literally had it all at me this year.”