The Five Most Tense Moments From The Council Meeting About Grenfell Tower

20 July 2017, 07:31 | Updated: 20 July 2017, 07:39

Survivor shouts at leader of Kensington Council Elizabeth Campbell
Picture: PA

Survivors from Grenfell Tower heckled new council leader Elizabeth Campbell at her first council meeting - here are the five must-watch moments from the tense meeting.

During the meeting, Ms Campbell invited Grenfell victims, survivors and community groups who wished to speak to contribute - and things got very stormy.

1. There was panicked shouting and furious banging on the doors as survivors tried to get into the meeting. The Council had eight security guards trying to keep them out.

2. Survivors in the crowd shout "murderers" and "shame on you" as Elizabeth Campbell starts her first speech as council leader.

3. Ed Daffern wrote the infamous Grenfell Action blog. He told Ms Campbell that he wrote to her warning of Grenfell's fire risk in 2010.

4. This woman's niece died in the Grenfell fire. She emailed Elizabeth Campbell, but didn't received a reply and said the council's response is 'embarrassing'.

5. Heckler shouts "the dead don't want you, we don't want you".