Proof That Londoners Aren't Scared By Incidents Like The Natural History Museum Crash

7 October 2017, 18:05 | Updated: 7 October 2017, 18:33

British people love queueing so much that ploughing into them with a car won't deter them.

Counter-terrorism police are investigating a car crash outside the National History Museum, a popular tourist area of London, after several people were injured.

Images show someone being pinned down by security guards, and officers have confirmed they've detained a man.

It's unclear whether what happened was deliberate but Scotland Yard have said they do not believe the incident to be terror related and are treating it as a road traffic investigation.

But the incident has seemingly had no impact on the museum's attendance.

Rachael Venables is LBC's reporter on the scene and says police officers are inundated with people asking if they can still visit the museums behind the cordon.

Apparently British museum-goers aren't concerned about the risk of being hit by road traffic, or at least concerned enough to cancel their trip to see the Blue Whale skeleton in Hintze Hall.