Yob Pours Drink Over Mum And Crying Child Inside London Burger King

4 October 2018, 15:30 | Updated: 4 October 2018, 16:23

A teenager poured a drink over a mother and terrified child inside a London Burger King as his laughing friend filmed it.

The distressed young boy could be seen clinging on to the woman as the assailant tipped the drink over the pair in Feltham, west London, on Tuesday.

It’s not clear what sparked the shocking incident but the woman, believed to be the scared boy’s son, can be heard begging the thug to “stop it”.

The friend filming gasps in amusement as he shouts “Oh s***! Oh s***”.

Afterwards he then recorded himself gloating: “Can you imagine that this guy went at her three times fam! He is…” and then does a gesture to denote that he is crazy.

The distressing footage was originally uploaded to Snapchat but has since been shared widely online.

Shocked social media users condemned the attack.

One wrote: “Why do people do stuff this she’s with a child, is there no respect for elders anymore.”