Bob Geldof: Current Westminster politics is a 'betrayal of Churchill'

23 October 2019, 21:45

Bob Geldof has been speaking at the annual One Young World summit
Bob Geldof has been speaking at the annual One Young World summit. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

Bob Geldof took to the stage at the One Young World summit to criticise the British government,, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Bob Geldof used his platform at the One Young World summit to call current political activity in Westminster a "betrayal of Churchill".

Mr Geldof, who is also a vocal Remain supporter, said: "What is going on in that house (Westminster) is a betrayal of Churchill... that great figure of the 20th century who stood against tyranny".

The Irish singer previously spoke out against Brexit in the lead up to the referendum, and joined the anti-Brexit protests on Saturday.

His speech preceded a talk by former prime minister Sir John Major, who also condemned Brexit as a "colossal mistake".

Speaking at the annual forum for young leaders, Mr Geldof criticised the British Government, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

He said: "The people that purport to be our leaders are all old people.

"It is a world essentially without leaders.

"When leaders fail to lead, then the people will teach them to follow, and that's what we're seeing.

He added: "The economy that we have built is consuming the world, and that economy is consumed by technology.

"And it moves so fast we cannot possibly control it."

"Younger people retreat to the certainties of the strong man, the admiration for thugs like Putin, fools like Trump.

"But these people are not leaders. They are not strong. They are weak.

"Power can only come from the will of the people."

Bob Geldof attending an anti-Brexit march in London
Bob Geldof attending an anti-Brexit march in London. Picture: PA

Speaking about One Young World, the songwriter said: "This has ended up being one of the great ideas laboratories that I have been to.

"I get attuned to where this century might be going, as my generation fails spectacularly, as we flounder for the certainty of the new.

"There never is certainty.

"As the 20th century crumbles, and this one stutters to start, it is still is mouldable, it still is plastic."

He told the audience: "Change occurs through ideas - the great ideas factory.

"Ideas are the raw material of change, and language is the expression of those ideas.

"You've got Malala (Yousafzai) and you've got Greta (Thunberg). And they spoke truth unto power. And it's effective.

He continued: "We need to steer this century or we will end up in a very bad place.

"It is possible to just give the world a nudge in the right direction.

"The future may not be ours, but our values must shape it."