Dramatic CCTV Of Suspected Car Bomb Outside Londonderry Courthouse

21 January 2019, 12:17

Police have released CCTV footage of the moment a suspected car bomb exploded outside a courthouse in Derry/Londonderry.

The dramatic video from Police Service of Northern Ireland shows a car parked outside a courthouse on Bishop Street on Saturday night.

The car explodes a few moments later, sending a fireball into the air and debris into the road.

It is reported that a group of people had walked past the car just minutes earlier.

Police believe the New IRA may have been behind the attack.

A suspected car bomb explodes outside a courthouse in Derry/Londonderry
A suspected car bomb explodes outside a courthouse in Derry/Londonderry. Picture: Twitter / @PSNIDCSDistrict

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said that was their "main line of inquiry" as he described the bomb as "crude" and "very unstable".

A Ford Fusion was hijacked from a pizza delivery driver by "at least two armed men" on Saturday night, he said.

After a bomb was placed inside, it was driven to the courthouse on Bishop Street where "a single man jumped out of the car and ran away".

Four men have been arrested in connection with the explosion, as police describe the incident as a "very significant attempt to kill people".

Watch the dramatic footage in the video above.