Thousands tune in to terrifying live stream of planes struggling to land at Heathrow

18 February 2022, 14:00 | Updated: 18 February 2022, 14:23

Planes struggle to land at Heathrow Airport during Storm Eunice

By Emma Soteriou

Hundreds of thousands of people across the UK have tuned in to a live stream showing planes struggling to land at Heathrow Airport due to Storm Eunice.

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The Big Jet TV stream - which is run by aviation enthusiast Jerry Dyer - comes as Storm Eunice is battering the UK, leading to travel chaos for Brits amid red weather warnings.

Fans have been raving about the exciting landings leaving them 'on the edge of their chairs' while at work.

A running commentary from Mr Dyer on the pilots' "skills" during their landing has also been recognised for adding additional entertainment for viewers.

"Look at that rudder input!" has become a key one-liner from the YouTuber as well as "bosh" when aircrafts touch down.

One person tweeted: "Sorry boss cant work, watching big jet tv Heathrow live stream."

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LIVE: Storm Eunice at London Heathrow Airport

Another Twitter user said: "These BigJet TV landings are the only time it's appropriate to clap when the pilot lands."

Dr Anna Cupani tweeted: "Lunch break with [the] live stream from Heathrow and I'm on the edge of my chair.

"Every time a plane touches ground is a shot of adrenaline."

Fatima tweeted: "My sister is streaming BigJet TV on our big TV and is currently scoring each landing and ranking all the airlines.

"My mum is sat next to her making duaa for all the planes and all I can hear as I'm trying to work is 'woaaaaaah, go on then, go on then!'"

Mr Dyer, from the aviation channel, told the BBC: "This is the best scenario you could possibly imagine - big kudos to the pilots and the crews working at the airports, this is the most exciting stuff you could possibly get.

"Right now, these conditions with 70mph gusting winds, it's pretty intense.

"And what is great is you get to see the skill of the pilot and how they manage to handle it."

It comes as aviation analytics company Cirium said at least 436 flights to, from or within the UK were cancelled on Friday.

The highest proportion were at Heathrow, where 20 per cent of flights were cancelled.

It was followed by London City (16 per cent) and Manchester (10 per cent).

Heathrow airport tweeted: "Storm Eunice is forecast to cause poor weather conditions across the UK and Europe today.

"We are working in close collaboration with our airport partners to minimise any disruption.

"Please continue to check your flight status with your airline before making your way to Heathrow.

"We have additional colleagues on-hand in the terminals to support our passengers, and we are working in close collaboration with our airline and air traffic control partners to get people safely away on their journeys as quickly as possible."