Scottish football fans watch Euro 2020 clash at pub windows after 10pm curfew

9 October 2020, 10:37 | Updated: 9 October 2020, 11:06

Rachael Kennedy

By Rachael Kennedy

Scottish football fans were forced to watch their team's latest win through pub windows when the 10PM coronavirus curfew kicked in before the final whistle.

Standing outside pubs across the country, fans witnessed Scotland's 5-3 win on penalties in Thursday's Euro 2020 qualifying match.

It wasn't quite the spectator experience they expected, but one fan in Glasgow told LBC he was still "relieved" at the result despite being made to watch it from the street.

"At 10 o'clock, that was just about when the first half of extra time finished," said Paul Duncan, who was watching from inside the pub pre-curfew.

He told LBC: "We got kicked out the pub, and it was nice enough to put [the game] on in the window for us, so we watched it and the crowd of people just went mad.

"It was amazing."

The football fans were relegated to watching penalties through the window
The football fans were relegated to watching penalties through the window. Picture: LBC

Video of the winning moment showed Paul and at least four other people peering in the window as the final penalty was taken.

Jumping and cheering upon the final whistle, the group then waved each other off as they headed for home.

Paul Duncan told LBC he was 'relieved' at the result
Paul Duncan told LBC he was 'relieved' at the result. Picture: LBC

"We had the stream on my friends phone, but it's all a bit behind," said David Connell, who was also kicked out the pub.

"We noticed they had actually put it on in the window and we watched the penalties which were very, very tense.

"But we won! And I'm very relieved.

"I had a ticket to go and see this game tonight, but obviously there's no crowd."

Scotland are now set to face Serbia next month for play-off finals - and would be a historic moment for the team if they win.

It would mark the first time Scotland's national side has been to a tournament since 1998.