Want to escape Brexit? Head to Manchester

30 January 2020, 08:56

Thomas Dunn

By Thomas Dunn

A company in Manchester are giving people the chance to escape from Brexit.......if they can solve the puzzles.

Alternate Escapes have created the UK's first Brexit themed escape room - designed for both Leave & Remain voters.

You enter the room as either a Leaver or Remainer with the aim of breaking into the other campaign's HQ and sabotage their chance of winning the referendum.

Ben Fowler - who runs the experience - told LBC: "This is very much a parody and is meant to be light-hearted.

"The idea is to come and escape from the seriousness and exhaustion of Brexit in everyday life and experience it in a humorous way.

"What you're trying to do is win the referendum as your campaign team - You break into the opposition's campaign HQ, leak stuff to the press and the more you leak into the press, the closer it brings you to winning that referendum."

The Brexit themed escape room is based in Manchester
The Brexit themed escape room is based in Manchester. Picture: LBC News

Inside the escape room are challenges and puzzles you must solve in order to get clues to help you break out.

They include a Tony Blair dartboard, a portrait of Nigel Farage, a Brexit crossword and the first exit poll on the night of the referendum.

Ben says: "As you got into some of the locked draws you'll find laminated A4 sheets with confidential written on them - These are really for a humorous play on details being leaked to the press.

"The kind of things you might find is an I-O-U from a politician to a Russian politician for a small amount of money - which you will have to leak through a black box hidden inside the room."

At 11 pm on Friday 31st January - The UK will formally leave the European Union.

But it will immediately enter an 11-month transition period.