Who is ready to reopen the Brexit fight, asks Andrew Marr - as Boris Johnson draws battle lines

2 March 2023, 18:14 | Updated: 2 March 2023, 18:17

Andrew Marr questions how many Tory MPs 'really' want to reopen the Brexit row.

By Will Taylor

Who is willing to reopen the Brexit fight, asks Andrew Marr - as Boris Johnson seemed to draw battle lines today.

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The ex-PM criticised his former chancellor's Windsor Framework in a speech on Thursday, and he said it does not represent "taking back control".

Speaking at the start of Tonight with Andrew Marr, LBC's presenter said: "As the political world pores over the fine detail of the Rishi Sunak deal, I bring you something tonight something very rare: more or less complete agreement between Boris Johnson and the former Brussels Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

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"As Tory MPs gather in Windsor to discuss their future how many of them really want to reopen this? Johnson may vote against the agreement himself but he acknowledges the weary state of public opinion.

"For Juncker, it's a good deal which at last normalises relations between Brexit Britain and the EU.

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"Tonight, that's the real question - is this over or not?

"Later, we'll also be discussing extraordinary news that Dame Sue Grey, the senior civil servant who investigated Boris Johnson over those lockdown parties, with consequences you all know about, is now going to work for Keir Starmer as his chief of staff.

"Great appointment for him. But Boris Johnson and friends are already crying foul. The politics of this may be, for Labour, are surprisingly dangerous."