Tory MP: Biden pulled out of Afghanistan 'because it sounded good'

17 August 2021, 20:33

Tory MP hits out at Afghan withdrawal

By Seán Hickey

A member of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee accused the American President of failing to ensure the safety of Afghans.

Alicia Kearns spoke to Ben Kentish as uncertainty around the safety of people in Afghanistan rages on.

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Ben centred his conversation with the Conservative MP on US President Joe Biden's withdrawal from the Middle Eastern nation. "Has it been shown now to be a huge mistake?" He wondered.

"There's no question that it's been the wrong decision."

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"He didn't pull out of Afghanistan because Afghanistan was ready," Ms Kearns began.

"He left because it sounded good and he didn't recognise that when we go into countries to stabilise them, longevity and resilience and resolve is what actually delivers the long term change.

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"Afghanistan wasn't ready and what's happening now is a direct result of his decision"

She went on to note that the Government are extremely disappointed that a NATO coalition couldn't be agreed upon despite the US withdrawal, revealing that only Turkey were willing to remain on the ground in Afghanistan.

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Ben put to the Tory MP that this moment marks the "decline of America as an actor on the world stange," but she was more considered in her assessment.

"It's losing the trust that it will use that power and deploy it in the right way," Ms Kearns argued.

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She went on: "We can't be throwing away 20 years progress with everything from human rights to the drug trade, extremism, stability for our countries, safety for our own countries"

The Foreign Affairs Select Committee member admitted she feels "let down by what [Biden has] been doing and what he's done in Afghanistan."

Asking finally what the UK's goal should be for now, Ms Kearns concluded that "getting people out of Afghanistan" should be a number one priority.

"There is nothing more important."