Chris Bryant's unequivocal message to Tory MPs obsessed with 'wokeness'

20 July 2022, 15:54

Chris Bryant's message to Tory MPs obsessed with wokeness.

By Tim Dodd

This was Chris Bryant's message to Tory MPs obsessed with so-called 'wokeness'.

It comes amid claims that Tory leadership hopeful Penny Mordaunt is too 'woke' to lead the Tory party, something that was echoed by one of her former leadership rivals Attorney general Suella Braverman on Times Radio this week.

The Labour MP for the Rhondda, who was guest-presenting James O'Brien's show, told listeners: "Just this issue about wokeness... I went to a gay wedding a few weeks ago. It was absolutely amazing on many different fronts.

"What really struck me was, lots of the people there had never been to a gay, same-sex marriage before.

"And slowly by slowly, we're getting to a stage where... I hope nobody would even conceive of getting rid of same-sex unions, civil partnerships and marriages.

"Not just because I'm in one - and that would obviously be a bit inconvenient for me and my husband - but just because the world has moved on."

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Mr Bryant continued: "So to Tory MPs and people on the right who argue all about this 'woke' stuff, I just want to go 'I'm sorry, you should never judge somebody according to the colour of their skin, what accent they speak with, whether they're male or female, what school they went to, what qualifications they've got, or their sexuality.

"The law should treat each other equally and everybody should have an equal chance in life. That's 'woke'. That's me. It's decent British values."

Kemi Badenoch was eliminated from the Tory leadership race after receiving the fewest votes on Tuesday.

The field of candidates to replace Boris Johnson and become the next prime minister is now Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt and Liz Truss.

Ms Badenoch took 59 votes. Mr Sunak lead with 118, Ms Mordaunt had 92 and Ms Truss 86.