Ex-Tory Minister insists she will vote to get Keir Starmer into No.10

2 January 2023, 13:14 | Updated: 2 January 2023, 13:37

Former Tory Minister Anna Soubry: Keir Starmer offers, to me, what our country needs

By Abbie Reynolds

"Keir Starmer offers, to me, what our country needs," former Conservative Minister Anna Soubry has said.

In conversation with Matthew Wright standing in for James O'Brien, former Tory minister Anna Soubry said Keir Starmer offers what the UK "needs" in government.

"Keir Starmer offers to me what our country needs, honesty, decency... I think that is exactly what we need in No.10!" Ms Soubry told Mr Wright.

Anna Soubry is a Criminal barrister and former Conservative Minister who left the Tory party in 2019 due to its anti-EU agenda. Upon leaving the party she formed the Independent Group, later known as Change UK.

The pair discussed a recent poll which shows diminishing support for Brexit and an interest in rejoining the European Union.

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Mathew asked: "Are you surprised by the poll?"

"I am, I have to say, Matthew forgive me, I am rather cynical about the number of people who actually want another vote," she said regarding a second EU referendum.

She went on: "What I do get a sense of is that people now know Brexit was based on lies."

The poll discussed refers to a Savanta survey for The Independent which states that two-thirds of Brits are now in support of a future referendum on rejoining the EU.

Brexit voter doesn't believe a word Keir Starmer says about Brexit

Matthew pointed to Labour Leader Keir Starmer's alignment with Conservative views concerning Brexit:

"Why on earth if you are the leader of the opposition would you choose to align with the same basic principles of the current government and align yourself against what the room is saying? 65% want to rejoin or want a referendum at least!" he asked.

The barrister said she isn't in a position to "defend" Labour because she isn't a member but did argue "our country has so many problems the last thing we want is another referendum on the European Union".

Ms Soubry went on to announce: "I am a supporter of Keir Starmer because I think he is honest, he's decent and I think he is competent and I think that is exactly what we need in No.10!

"But I agree with you I am disappointed in Keir Starmer's stance on the EU and the single market."

It is "shameful, dangerous and anti-democratic" that Brexit leaders haven't delivered on Brexit and "Labour should be doing" the "job" of holding them to account, the former minister declared.

She said when the discussion of leaving the EU began "it was the first time that members of parliament had their lives threatened, their family's lives threatened, female MPs were threatened with rape...

"because they had the outrageous temerity to say perhaps we should stay in the single market or a customs union," and therefore the Labour leader may be nervous to go against Conservative views on Brexit.

Ms Soubry assured Matthew that Keir Starmer's stance on Brexit will not stop her from pushing for him to be the next Prime Minister.

"I will vote to make sure we have Keir Starmer in No.10 and not have the Conservatives in government anymore, they are not fit to govern," she insisted.

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