Nick Ferrari challenges caller who says Just Stop Oil protesters are 'heroes'

11 November 2022, 15:41

Nick Ferrari confronts this caller who says eco-protesters are 'heroes' in 'desperate times'

Madeleine Wilson

By Madeleine Wilson

"Desperate times allow for criminality is what you're saying...", Nick Ferrari confronts this caller who defends Just Stop Oil protesters.

LBC's Nick Ferrari spoke with Nigel from Kentish after a statement released said Just Stop Oil's M25 protests will be paused.

The statement said: "We are giving time to those in Government who are in touch with reality to consider their responsibilities to this country at this time."

Just Stop Oil have caused four days of chaos on the M25, scaling overhead gantries, shutting large swathes of the motorway and causing hours-long queues.

Nigel told Nick: “In 50 years, these protesters will be seen as heroes.

“Just like the suffragettes where they have to suffer.

“They have to bring this important cause to the public because we’re not doing anything about it.”

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Nick responded by telling the caller about one man who told LBC he missed the funeral of a "very dear chum" due to the M25 closure.

Nick went on to say: "He's not the Prime minister, he can't affect change so why cause him that level of stress."

"Can't change anything."

Nigel replied: "Well, It's quite times isn't it."

Nick later concluded: "So just to make sure, desperate times allow for criminality, is what you're saying.

"Just so I know so that if I get hungry I can come and kick your back door in and steal everything out of your fridge because I'm very hungry and I'm desperate so I want to make sure that's OK."

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