Rachel Johnson urges Government to go 'a lot further' in fighting cost-of-living crisis

12 June 2022, 21:06 | Updated: 12 June 2022, 21:10

Rachel Johnson urges the Government to go 'a lot further' over cost-of-living crisis.

By James Bickerton

Journalist Rachel Johnson has urged the Government to go "a lot further" to combat the growing cost-of-living crisis.

Speaking on her LBC show she said: "The price of food and fuel has spiked because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

"It's fed immediately into prices at the pump, prices at the till. 

"The Government has so far cut the cost of fuel duty by 5p. 

"My idea would be they've got to go a lot further."

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'Russia are trying to create a global food crisis.'

Rachel was speaking to Denis MacShane, the former Labour minister, who backed her call for more radical action. 

He commented: "I agree. We're paying £100 an hour to fill a tank. 

"Of that £100 £45-48 goes straight to the Government. 

"Perhaps in these exceptional circumstances Rishi Sunak needs to think again."