'Selfish and irresponsible': LBC caller condemns the junior doctors' strikes

24 June 2023, 11:30

Caller condemns junior doctors' strikes

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

This exasperated caller had some strong words for striking junior doctors, and said members of the public are "fed up" with the industrial action.

Nigel in Temple Fortune started by telling Paul Brand that he was "totally against the doctors' strikes".

"I think they're selfish and irresponsible...they chose to become doctors, they get a wonderful gold-plated pension at the end of their career", he said, adding that "they can rise through the ranks to become consultants and earn huge amounts of money".

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In a stark warning, the caller went on: "At the end of the day when people die as a result of their selfish attitude and behaviour, I wonder if they're going to be sued personally for their actions."

"Many of them aren't paid that well", Paul countered.

"But they are paid that well aren't they?" his caller cut in.

"Not at the start of their career ", Paul clarified. "They do have to live while they're climbing the ladder right? They have to actually pay their rent and pay their way while they're climbing the ladder."

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"They can't just live in poverty for the first 10 years of their career in the hope that they might one day become a consultant", he continued.

Despite this, Nigel replied that they would make more money as they progress in their careers.

"I'm sorry to say the public are fed up with it. We've got millions of people waiting on the waiting lists, and to expect 35 per cent is absolutely ridiculous", he added.

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"What are they going to do if their family and friends die as a result of their actions, I wonder?" he asked.

The call comes as members of the British Medical Association (BMA) will walk out from July 13 to 18 - which organisers say will be the longest-ever period of sustained NHS industrial action.