Tories have morphed into 'English Nationalist Party' member declares

25 July 2022, 16:24

'It's no longer the Conservative Party'

By James Bickerton

The Tories are "no longer the Conservative Party but the English Nationalist Party" according to a member, who discussed the party's shift to the right with James O'Brien.

Jane from Lindfield revealed she hasn't voted for her own party since 2015 after watching them embrace hardline Euroscepticism.

Speaking to James she said: "I'm a member of the Conservative Party, I was for a short time on the Parliamentary candidates list.

"I am still a member of the Conservative Party but I haven't voted for the Conservative Party since 2015.

"I went onto the candidates list because I thought Cameron had an idea of social justice, which he seemed to understand.

"The Conservative Party went to the right and is no longer, as far as I can see, the Conservative Party but the English Nationalist Party."

As a sign of the party's shift Jane described a Tory meeting she attended in 2013, where the speaker said the party should back Brexit to counter UKIP's rising popularity.

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'They'd rather rule this country in rubble than watch it succeed from the sidelines.'

She explained: "I went to a meeting in January 2013. During the speech he talked mainly about the emergent UKIP threat to the Conservative Party.

"He magnified this threat to the people who were at this meeting.

"He did say he'd like to see clear blue water then he said this includes a firm commitment to leaving the European Union."

Conservative members will decide whether ex-Chancellor Rishi Sunak, or Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, will be their next leader.

Both candidates say they are committed to Brexit and have backed the controversial Rwanda refugee scheme.

On Monday evening the candidates will face each other in a debate held in Stoke-on-Trent, which will be broadcast on the BBC.

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