I will rally 'silent majority' of non-voters with my CEO approach, and I vow to reset London, writes Natalie Campbell

19 April 2024, 12:11 | Updated: 19 April 2024, 12:29

I will rally 'silent majority' of non-voters with my CEO approach, and I vow to reset London, writes Natalie Campbell
I will rally 'silent majority' of non-voters with my CEO approach, and I vow to reset London, writes Natalie Campbell. Picture: LBC/Alamy
Natalie Campbell

By Natalie Campbell

Can you win? A question I’ve been asked since I announced my independent run for Mayor of London last year.

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It is a question LBC journalists have asked independent candidates - one of which dropped out - but phrased as, ‘but you won’t win’. Their statement of fact pronounced as a question.

Let me say this loud and clear, an independent candidate, running on a commitment to lead with a CEO’s approach can absolutely win in London. It’s what this city desperately needs.

Accountability over finger-pointing.

Action over empty ideas.

Ability over ‘who you know’.

Former Cabinet Minister and ex Independent Mayoral candidate Rory Stewart agrees with me on this point.

How is it possible?

58% of Londoners did not vote in the last Mayoral Election in 2021, and the figure is similar for previous years. That’s around 3.9 million votes up for grabs. I’m only asking for 1.5 million Londoners to show up on May 2nd and say enough is enough.

We want better.

We want change.

The key is the 58%. I have focussed not on the voter being catered for, but the majority who have not.

From the start, I launched a survey called ‘What London Wants’ to listen before I built my manifesto. What you said you want is clear:

You want to reset, rebuild and reconnect the Metropolitan Police with the neighbourhoods they serve through hyper-local policing. My response to you is the creation 320 new neighbourhood centres which will be home to 1300 Police Officers, they’ll be back on high streets for good.

You want to stop the motorist stealth taxes – scrap ULEZ in outer London and make TfL roads like the Euston Road and Park Lane 30mph again. Taxi drivers told me they risk losing their jobs because of the 6+ points gained if they are caught ‘speeding’. Bus drivers however can rack up points. How is this a fair way to treat the bedrock of London?

And you want me to help with the cost of living; from homes to travel, everyone said London feels hard. It doesn’t feel like London. As you next Mayor of London I will focus on increasing the number build-to-rent homes to stabilise the market, but, it is not solely about more homes it is about the right homes in the right places.

Free school meals will stay.

Parking charges for EVs will be reduced.

Taxi drivers will get interest-free loans to switch their cabs to EV and have a wider fleet to choose from.

Disabled People and Older Londoners will have a Deputy Mayor to represent them. They should not be overlooked, ignored and left to be lonely.

And this is just the iceberg tip of my CEO’s approach to leading London. My zero B.S. approach, my honest approach.

Together, we will win London back.

Together, we will save London from self-interested politicking and rebuild it for Londoners to feel good, do good, and live better.


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