Princess Kate would be right to follow the King’s lead and discuss her illness and health recovery with the public

18 March 2024, 07:40

Princess Kate would be right to follow the King’s lead and discuss her health recovery with the public
Princess Kate would be right to follow the King’s lead and discuss her health recovery with the public. Picture: LBC/Alamy
Johnny Jenkins

By Johnny Jenkins

Conspiracy theories about Kate are getting out of control - it would be sensible for the Princess to be open with the public about her health.

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Princess Kate’s friends have said that she is considering discussing her health recovery with the public next month, when she returns to royal engagements.

This is a good thing. The current information vacuum cannot continue if the royal family wants to keep the public on side.

We’re just weeks away from Easter and the palace has made it clear that the Princess will return to royal duties after the holiday.

A royal source told the Sunday Times that “the princess might discuss her recovery out on engagements” after next month.

This approach would follow the lead of the King, who has been open about both his prostate issues and his cancer diagnosis.

Since this brave revelation, more men have attended prostate screenings and had checks for cancer.

The King’s PR operation was well handled, but the current strategy of silence about Kate isn’t working.

The silence is leading to the spread of vile conspiracy theories online and on air.

The twisted social media videos about her just won’t stop appearing on my feed. I watched them at first, but now they’re becoming increasingly vicious and personal.

The videos presented by excited influencers don’t sit right with me. Speculation about a young woman’s health makes me uncomfortable.

American broadcasters are openly joking about Kate’s marriage with William and the Princess’ health - this isn’t fair or acceptable.

Everybody I speak to is suddenly now an expert on abdominal issues - the list of different health conditions I’ve heard mentioned is out of control.

It’s no wonder that Kate is ‘devastated’ and friends of the Waleses say that the pair feel their ‘family bubble’ in Windsor is ‘coming under threat’.

At the same time, the whole nation is trying to pierce the family’s protective bubble. It’s about to pop.

The build up of conspiracy theories is a result of a collective royal silence. The palace should knock this on the head by acknowledging Kate’s health issues and being open with the public.

I’m happy to wait a month until Kate can address the rumours herself, but the current position cannot hold any longer than that.

We’re also told that Prince Louis turns six next month and there will be another photo released from Kensington Palace.

Seeing as we are all Photoshop sleuths now, let’s just hope they don’t edit that image!

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