The ghost of Princess Diana! William, Harry and the rest of us deserve better from The Crown

29 November 2023, 11:48

Picture: Alamy
The ghost of Princess Diana! William, Harry and the rest of us deserve better. Picture: Alamy
Madeleine Wilson

By Madeleine Wilson

Many love The Crown, but has this latest depiction of Diana gone too far in the way of ethical storytelling?

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Settling in to watch the newest series, my initial concern revolved around how the show would handle the tragic crash and death of Princess Diana.

Firstly, the decision to dramatise Diana's death left me questioning whether it was a necessary inclusion in the storyline. Thankfully, I feel the creators managed to navigate this sensitive subject without resorting to unnecessary details.

However, as the series unfolded, a new concern began to take shape. It seems to be pushing the boundaries of tasteful storytelling.

Yet, the real crux of the matter emerged in the final episode, where Diana reappears in Prince Charles' thoughts. The dialogue attributed to her – phrases like ‘you’re so handsome' – struck me as a questionable artistic choice.

The portrayal not only raises eyebrows but also delves into a moral grey area. Assuming what Diana might say to Prince Charles posthumously is not just presumptive, is morally wrong.

By implying that she hadn't moved on and still harboured feelings for Charles, the series distorts the reality of Diana's life, particularly her relationship with Dodi Fayed.

This misrepresentation extends beyond artistic license, it carries the risk of shaping public perceptions and distorting historical facts.

The Crown, as a widely watched series, has significant influence and the potential for it to misinform viewers about Diana's feelings is a cause for concern.

If this trend continues in future reenactments, it could lead to widespread misconceptions.

In essence, while The Crown remains a captivating series, it's crucial to recognise its fictional nature.

Blurring the lines between fiction and the tragedy of real-life events, especially one as poignant as Princess Diana's story, demands a careful consideration of the ethical implications.