The way the police arrested Charlotte Lynch was disgusting, argues LBC caller

9 November 2022, 17:49

Shelagh Fogarty caller describes feeling scared of police.

Madeleine Wilson

By Madeleine Wilson

This caller told Shelagh Fogarty LBC's Charlotte Lynch would have gone through "hell" during her arrest.

The caller spoke to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty, after Charlotte Lynch was arrested on the side of the M25 on Tuesday and held for five hours, despite the fact she had her press identification with her.

Hertfordshire Police have defended their actions, saying officers faced "very challenging circumstances" and they had "reasonable grounds at the time to make an arrest in order to ascertain the circumstances surrounding [the journalist's] presence at the location".

The caller told Shelagh he thought the way Charlotte was treated during the arrest was "disgusting".

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The caller said: "She would have gone through hell in that police cell in the back of the wagon.

"You don't know what they're going to do to you.

"You're sitting in there and all sorts of thoughts go through your mind."

The caller later added: "We've got to be very scared of the treatment the police are doing."

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Shelagh asked the caller: "Do you accept the polices right for example to drag people who are gluing people to motorways and off the motorways and get people down from gantries safely?"

The caller replied: "Of course, they have to because it's for their personal safety as well."

He then went on to say: "Some protests are going to push the boundaries but that's where the police have to be inventive in stopping them before they get to that stage in the first place.

"Not allowing them to walk onto motorways, but that doesn't give them the mixture to treat people in that disrespectful manner.

"And then just to say we apologise and say sorry we got it wrong."