Downing Street said the PM believes in 'actions not words' in response to the letter from Suella Braverman

Downing St says Rishi Sunak believes in ‘actions not words’ in swipe at Braverman’s brutal letter

Mel Stride has backed the PM

Rishi Sunak has 'absolutely not' betrayed nation over Rwanda plan, insists minister after Braverman's attack on PM

Suella Braverman has released a stinging resignation letter

Suella Braverman's stinging resignation letter: Read the text in full

Suella Braverman blasted Rishi Sunak in a scathing letter attacking the prime minister

Suella Braverman accuses Rishi Sunak of 'betraying the nation' in scathing resignation letter

Suella Braverman's proposal to ban homeless people sleeping in tents has been shelved following her sacking

Rishi Sunak ditches Suella Braverman's ban on tents for the homeless as ring-wing Tories revolt grows

The daughter of the Hotel Rwanda hero has called for the UK to drop its migrant deportation scheme

'Don't send them to a dictatorship': Daughter of tortured Hotel Rwanda hero demands end to 'unconscionable' migrant plan

Weekly Cabinet Meeting in Downing Street

'The grown-ups are back in the building' - why Rishi Sunak has brought David Cameron back

Rishi Sunak has assembled his new team - with David Cameron back in Downing Street

Rishi's back to the future Cabinet: David Cameron joins Sunak's top team amid row with Tory right

Richard Holden defended David Cameron's appointment

'We're a broad church: 'Conservative chairman defends David Cameron's comeback despite anger from the Tory right

Greg Hands was demoted in the cabinet reshuffle

Demoted Tory chairman Greg Hands told 'hacked off' candidates they weren't working hard enough before losing job

The reshuffle - launched after Mr Sunak sacked Ms Braverman as home secretary - risked inflaming the rift in the Conservative Party.

David Cameron comeback sparks Brexiteer backlash: Rishi Sunak under fire from Tory right over reshuffle

'Minister for common sense': Esther McVey

Rishi Sunak brings in Esther McVey as ‘minister for common sense’

Nadine Dorries has blasted ex-PM David Cameron’s appointment and his peerage.

'It isn’t sour grapes': Dorries blasts Cameron's Cabinet role and peerage saying he had it 'easy' as he went to Eton

David Cameron has been appointed as foreign secretary

David Cameron says his return to Cabinet is 'not usual' but hopes his six years as PM can be beneficial to Sunak

Cabinet reshuffle: Who's in and who's out?

Who's in and who's out in Rishi Sunak's reshuffle?

David Cameron

How can David Cameron be made Foreign Secretary when he's not an MP?

Andrew Marr: Rishi rolls the dice by bringing Cameron back - but a more troubling question remains...

Andrew Marr: Rishi rolls the dice by bringing Cameron back - but a more troubling question remains...

Suella Braverman was sacked as Home Secretary following chaotic scenes in London over the weekend

Why was Suella Braverman sacked?