Jeremy Hunt has unveiled his back to work plan

Millions of unemployed Brits 'coasting on the hard work of taxpayers' to lose benefits in back to work shake-up

MPs voted on a ceasefire amendment

How did your MP vote on the Gaza ceasefire amendment?

MPs voted on whether to call for a ceasefire

Labour in turmoil as Jess Phillips among ten frontbenchers to resign over Gaza ceasefire vote

Crowds have gathered ahead of the ceasefire vote

Huge crowds gather in Parliament Square as protesters call for 'ceasefire now' ahead of crunch Gaza vote

Rishi Sunak said 'I will not allow a foreign court to block the flights'

'I will not allow a foreign court to block Rwanda flights,' says Sunak as he announces emergency legislation

Suella Braverman has spoken out following the court ruling on the Rwanda plan

Emergency laws needed to ‘stop the boats’, says sacked Suella Braverman after court rules against Rwanda plan

Rishi Sunak said David Cameron's return was the "best kept secret".

Rishi Sunak boasts David Cameron's return was 'best kept secret' in behind the scenes video from reshuffle

Rishi Sunak and Paul Kagame

Rishi Sunak vows to keep working with Rwanda in phone call with country's President despite court ruling

Sunak said he is preparing a new treaty with Rwanda

Plan B under way: Rishi Sunak tells stormy PMQs he may change law to revive Rwanda plan following court defeat

Lee Anderson and Brendan Clarke-Smith have reacted negatively to the Rwanda ruling

'Ignore the laws and put the planes in the air now': Tory fury after Supreme Court rules against Rwanda migrant plan

Rishi Sunak has reacted to the Rwanda ruling

Rishi Sunak vows to 'stop the boats' despite Rwanda ruling, as he says sending migrants to a third country is lawful

The court ruled against the Rwanda plan

Read in full: Supreme Court ruling against the government's Rwanda plan

Kwasi Kwarteng said that Suella Braverman's attack on Rishi Sunak was like a break-up letter

'It was like a break-up': Kwasi Kwarteng brands Suella Braverman attack on Rishi Sunak 'extraordinary'

Sunak will quit even if the election loss is not as bad as feared, Kwasi Kwarteng has told LBC

Rishi Sunak will go even if Tories lose election narrowly but Braverman has no hope of taking over, Kwasi Kwarteng says

The Rwanda plan is being ruled on by the Supreme Court today

What is the UK's Rwanda plan and why did it go to the Supreme Court?

Suella Braverman has accused Rishi Sunak of being "uncertain" and "weak"

Tories at war after Suella Braverman accuses Rishi Sunak of 'betraying the nation' in scathing resignation letter

Downing Street said the PM believes in 'actions not words' in response to the letter from Suella Braverman

Downing St says Rishi Sunak believes in ‘actions not words’ in swipe at Braverman’s brutal letter

Mel Stride has backed the PM

Rishi Sunak has 'absolutely not' betrayed nation over Rwanda plan, insists minister after Braverman's attack on PM