Caught On Camera: Lorry Driver Performs The Scariest U-Turn Ever

27 March 2018, 14:32

This tanker driver clearly has nerves of steel as he successfully performed an incredibly dangerous U-turn next to a cliff edge.

Nail-bitting footage has emerged showing the lorry dangling in the air as the driver attempted the crazy manoeuvre.

Believed to have been filmed somewhere in China, the white vehicle can be seen stranded on a bridge facing sideways.

But, with the help with another driver, he somehow manages to turn the lorry around.

At one point, the rear wheels can be seen balancing precariously over the edge of the cliff.

After numerous attempts of turning slowly each time, the driver manages to get on his way.

The video has been shared over two million times after it was posted onto Facebook last week.

Watch the manoeuvre unfold at the top of this page.