Man Tries To Ram Car After Road Rage Row, But Ends Up Flipping His 4x4

16 February 2018, 17:17 | Updated: 16 February 2018, 17:58

Warning: This video contains strong language.

A road rage row took a monumental turn when one of the raging drivers managed to flip their vehicle onto its side.

The bizarre event occurred on a highway in Oceanside, California on Thursday.

The video shows a man storming out of his silver convertible to confront the driver behind.

4x4 flips on to side
Picture: Viralhog

A woman, who’s recording the incident, can be heard saying: “He did not just do that to cut him up, oh my god”.

As the row escalates, the man on the roadside allegedly spits at the 4x4 driver.

In a bid to escape, the motorist tries to ram into the silver car before making his getaway.

But it sensationally backfires as his 4x4 ends up flipping onto its side and resting on the central reservation.

Dallas Montanez, who saw the bizarre event unfold, said: “I cannot believe I witnessed such a crazy accident.

“Just because he was mad he wasn’t able to cut someone off.

“After the incident, the convertible man took off about 15-20 feet, then parked, and decided to walk back.

“I was so scared and nervous, I drove off as safely as I could."