10 times politicians came unstuck live on LBC in 2019

24 December 2019, 12:51

10 times LBC held politicians to account in 2019

LBC is famous for holding politicians to account - with both presenters and callers asking really tough questions. Here are 10 moments in 2019 where MPs struggled to answer them.

With Brexit being in the headlines throughout the year and a snap election in December, politics was the big story across 2019.

LBC regularly invites politicians into the studio to answer questions from the listeners. And they are always the toughest questioners of all. Here are 10 times things went wrong for MPs.

Sam Gyimah's car crash interview with Eddie Mair

This phone-in with Liberal Democrat candidate Sam Gyimah started off badly... and just got worse and worse as he failed to be able to stay how much their flagship childcare policy would cost.

Caller Saul hailed the policy to give free childcare to parents of children aged 2-4, but wanted to know how it was going to be funded.

Mr Gyimah struggled to answer before he eventually admitted that he didn't have the figures on how much it cost. When he tried to answer, things just got worse for him.

James O'Brien's unmissable exchange with Jacob Rees-Mogg

James O'Brien and Jacob Rees-Mogg clashed in spectacular fashion during a very feisty Brexit interview.The pair locked horns hours before MPs voted on Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister suffered a heavy defeat after losing the vote by a majority of 230. Jeremy Corbyn has now tabled a no confidence motion in the government which will be debated on Wednesday.Mr Rees-Mogg has been a vocal critic of the PM's deal and previously told LBC he wouldn't back it unless the infamous backstop was removed.

But when James asked: "Why has it all gone so wrong?" it was clear the pair would conflict.

Eddie Mair's award-winning interview with Liz Truss

This is the interview that got Eddie Mair nominated for a major broadcasting award as he skewered Cabinet minister Liz Truss. It featured this remarkable exchange.

Eddie: “What about people who have changed their minds on Brexit?”
Liz Truss: “I don’t think people have changed their minds”
Eddie: “You have.”
Liz Truss: “I have, that's true…”

Iain Dale accuses Emily Thornberry of an establishment stitch-up

Iain Dale accused Labour of an establishment stitch-up after Emily Thornberry insisted that no-deal Brexit would not be on the ballot paper for a People's Vote.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary says the choice in a confirmatory referendum should be between Theresa May's withdrawal agreement and remaining in the European Union.

Backing the Kyle-Wilson amendment, Ms Thornberry said: "Theresa May's deal could go through, but only if there is a confirmatory vote. It's not quite like a second referendum, it's not 'shall we leave or shall we remain', it's 'do you want to leave like this or do you want to remain?'. We'd have a remain option on the ballot."

Boris Johnson questioned by caller over opposition to Heathrow expansion

Boris Johnson has cast doubt over whether a third runway will be built at Heathrow Airport - and questioned whether the money spent on HS2 could be used better.

The plan for expansion has been approved by parliament but there are a number of ongoing legal challenges.

The Prime Minister has previously promised to lie down in front of the bulldozers at Heathrow. And speaking exclusively to Nick Ferrari, he said he would find a way to "technically" back that promise.

Nigel Farage goes head-to-head with an Extinction Rebellion protester

Extinction Rebellion's Sarah Lunnon and Nigel Farage discussed the organisation's aims, methods and a controversial Citizen's Assembly proposal.

Things got tetchy as he focused on whether the activists are paid to do what they do

Iain Dale forced to correct Lib Dem deputy over the Brexit deal

"I suggest that after we finish this interview you read the actual agreement," Iain Dale told European Parliament Lib Dem deputy leader after having to correct her on everything she said about Johnson's Brexit deal.

Iain Dale asked Lib Dem MEP Luisa Porritt: "If you're so adamant that no deal is such a terrible idea, surely you're incumbent to at least give some consideration of supporting this deal?"

He then accused her of "an absolute lie" over the deal.

Furious caller tears into Jo Swinson as he says he can't vote for the Lib Dems

This furious caller told Jo Swinson that he can't vote for the Liberal Democrats because they have no chance of winning.

Paul called in to say that he is going to vote for Boris Johnson as he thinks a vote for the Lib Dems will help get Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street.

And with a horrified look on her face, Ms Swinson tried to persuade Paul that her party had a great chance of winning in over 100 seats in next week's general election.

Listeners labelled James O'Brien's interview with James Cleverly the best ever

Listeners called this the best interview they'd ever heard after James O'Brien's "car crash" interview with James Cleverly.

The Tory MP appeared on LBC to back Boris Johnson ahead of his announcement as the new Prime Minister.

And he was struggling to find an answer as James said to him: "Boris Johnson voted both for and against the withdrawal agreement. Which way is he leaning at the moment?"

And then when they started to talk about what Boris Johnson's version Brexit would look like, things got even more tense.

The interview with a Tory Baroness which infuriated LBC listeners

Conservative peer Baroness Wheatcroft left LBC listeners livid when she insisted that anyone who voted Brexit is wrong.

The Baroness insisted that the UK is a Remain country and anyone who voted for Brexit are not comfortable in their own skin.