Best of 2022: Tom Swarbrick caller 'will never vote for the Tories again'

29 December 2022, 16:30

Tom Swarbrick caller says he will never vote for the Tories again

By Phoebe Dampare Osei

This Tom Swarbrick caller, who has been 'a loyal Tory voter', says now he 'will never vote for the Tories again'.

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This is the moment when a caller told Tom Swarbrick he would never vote for the Conservatives again after the partygate revelations.

James in Ealing said: "This government - they have to go."

He added: "Over 150,000 people lost their lives to this. Ask all of those families and friends that couldn't go to the funeral. Ask those children that couldn't see their grandparents or parents in those care homes, and [were] tapping on the window while their poor mothers and fathers were crying."

"What we have now is another slap in the face", James said.

"I've been a loyal Tory voter - now I will never vote for the Tories again", he firmly added.

Tom agreed that the politicians "lying about it" made the situation worse.

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