Five Times Business Owners Told LBC How Brexit Will Affect Them... And It's Not Good

31 December 2018, 12:22

The Port of Dover, which faces huge queues
The Port of Dover, which faces huge queues. Picture: PA

Business owners told LBC how their businesses will be affected after Brexit - and it doesn't sound good.

The callers explained how the reaction of Britain leaving the European Union, such as new customs rules, will leave their companies at risk of going under.

We've rounded up five people who explained what will happen after Brexit.

The Van Driver Who Will Be Put Out Of Business

Ciaran runs a just-in-time courier company and explained to James O'Brien how the extended times needed to clear customs between Britain and the EU will lead to delays that will put him out of business.

The Farmer From Devon

Richard revealed he is stockpiling diesel to prepare for Brexit and warned that a no-deal Brexit would leave 80% of farming businesses being unviable.

The International Trade Negotiator

Jason revealed he has spent his career negotiating trade deals between countries and warned what it would mean if Britain left the EU and tried to trade on WTO rules.

The Transport Expert

James O'Brien asked Graham why Britain can't trade on WTO rules, seeing 80% of the world does. The answer will not fill you with confidence.

"No-Deal Will Ruin My Business, But I Still Want Out"

Natalia runs a French food importing business and admitted that her company will not survive a no-deal Brexit. But despite that, she still wants to leave the EU.