The Top 10 Funniest Viral Videos 2018

21 December 2018, 12:53

US President Donald Trump wipes "dandruff" off French President Emmanuel Macron&squot;s jacket in the Oval Office
US President Donald Trump wipes "dandruff" off French President Emmanuel Macron's jacket in the Oval Office. Picture: Getty

From a crow to a £30k bottle of bubbles, these are the funniest videos that went viral in 2018.

1. Crow Stuns Tourists By Asking Them “Y’alright Love?” In Yorkshire Accent

A crow has been filmed greeting tourists by asking them “Y’alright love?” in a Yorkshire accent, and you really need to see it to believe it.

2. Moment Trump Wipes “Dandruff” Off Macron's Shoulder

Donald Trump was caught on camera wiping what he said was dandruff off the shoulder of French President Emmanuel Macron during a visit to the White House.

3. Live News Report On A Cannabis Drugs Bust Takes A Hilarious Turn

A live TV report from outside a major cannabis factory took an unexpected turn when it was interrupted by a man carrying a suspicious looking-potted plant.

4. Police Attempt To Get Gaggle Of Geese Off The Road In Comical Video

Two police officers could not contain their laughter as they attempted to clear the road of a gaggle of geese while out on patrol.

5. Hilarious Moment Bungling Burglar Is Knocked Out By His Accomplice

These two Chinese men have been labelled the "world's dumbest burglars" after one smashes a brick into the face of his friend.

6. Moment Man Spills A £30K Magnum Of Champagne In Nightclub

The lights are lowered, the crowd gathers round, and this man is ready to party the night away with his nearest, dearest and hangers on. All he has to do is open his 30k magnum of champagne.

7. Row Between Neighbours Ends In The World's Slowest Tractor Chase

A row between two neighbours came to a bizarre end when one chased after the other - on a very, very slow tractor.

8. World Leaders Laugh At Donald Trump's Claim At UN Conference

This is the moment UN delegates openly laughed at Donald Trump's claim that he has achieved more than any other US President.

9. Drunk Woman Who Looks Like She's Arguing With A Bus Stop Goes Viral

This drunk woman got so angry after a night out she appeared to start a row with a bus stop, before deciding she was going to headbutt it.

10. Donald Trump Boards Air Force One With Toilet Paper Stuck To His Shoe

Donald Trump has been spotted boarding Air Force one with a sheet of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.