Full Disclosure with James O'Brien: Film-maker & NHS cleaner Hassan Akkad

16 June 2020, 07:36

James O'Brien spoke to the remarkable Hassan Akkad
James O'Brien spoke to the remarkable Hassan Akkad. Picture: LBC / Hassan Akkad

Hassan Akkad has got a remarkable story: Syrian refugee, BAFTA award-winning film-maker and the man who made Boris Johnson change policy.

Hassan recorded a video message last month to Boris Johnson, calling on him to include migrant NHS support staff in a scheme to support families of people who die from coronavirus. He became the poster boy for the campaign. And it was a successful one - the government quickly did what he asked.

The 32-year-old arrived in the UK in 2015, documenting his difficult journey for film that won a BAFTA.

But at the start of the Covid-19 crisis, he decided he wanted to help, so gave up his work to help out cleaning his local hospital.

He's a real inspiration - listen to his full podcast with James O'Brien.

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