Ken Clarke Reveals His Biggest Political Mistake... And His Answer Is Hilarious

18 April 2019, 16:56

Veteran Tory MP Ken Clarke revealed his biggest mistake as a politician to James O’Brien, and his answer had the pair in stitches.

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The former chancellor and Father of the House sat down with the LBC presenter for the latest Full Disclosure podcast.

During a discussion about his near 50 years in the Commons, Mr Clarke admitted the decision he most regretted taking as a politician.

“The moment you admit a mistake, you’re never allowed to forget it,” he said.

“One of my first jobs when I was a junior minister of transport, I introduced road humps.

“Now, every time I go along a road with a blasted hump… [they’re] every 200 yards.”

James quipped: “At least they didn’t name them after you - Clarke Humps!”

To which Mr Clarke replied: “That would have been really hard to shrug off.”

Ken Clarke was the latest guest on the Full Disclosure podcast
Ken Clarke was the latest guest on the Full Disclosure podcast. Picture: LBC

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