Steve Coogan's Hilarious New Phrase: TV Watchers Are "Mentally Diabetic"

10 May 2019, 15:01 | Updated: 10 May 2019, 15:11

Steve Coogan invented the brilliant phrase "mentally diabetic" as he discussed how modern television doesn't force people to learn as well as entertain them.

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The comedian was the guest on Full Disclosure With James O'Brien as they took a very entertaining look back through his career.

And when they discussed how TV has changed, Steve came up with the brilliant phrase "mental diabetes".

Steve Coogan and James O'Brien share a laugh during Full Disclosure
Steve Coogan and James O'Brien share a laugh during Full Disclosure. Picture: LBC

Speaking on the podcast, Steve said: "Mu cultural education was the BBC and BBC2 in particular. My education was curated by the BBC.

"When you watched BBC2 in those days, because there wasn't all this choice, it was like 'Here's something popular, here's something you ought to know.' It's seen as elitist now, but in actual fact, there was something rather patriarchal. Inform, educate, entertain.

"These days, people can gorge themselves on any one of those things. Which is great if you want to inform yourself, but it's terrible if you just want to entertain yourself and you don't want to do the other two things.

"Before, it was balanced. You can have your pudding, but first you've got to eat your greens. Now people just eat pudding!

"They get mentally diabetic!"

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